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Q: What is SAT and how does it work?

SAT a shortform of Statement Analyzer tool, is a financial analysis tool by Tausi Africa that allows users based in Tanzania to upload their mobile money statements to gain actionable insights into their financial activities, such as cash flow, loan details, and bill payments.

Q: What types of financial statements are acceptable for the SAT tool?

The SAT dashboard supports the 3 major mobile network operators currently which are Vodacom, Tigo and Airtel.

Q: What type of financial insights can I gain from using the SAT tool?

Users can gain insights into cash flow analysis, loan details, bill payments, bank to wallet transactions, peer-to-peer transactions, and agent activities.

Q: How does the SAT dashboard help in managing personal finances?

It provides a comprehensive analysis of financial transactions, helping users understand their spending habits, financial commitments, and overall financial health.

Q: Will my personal dat be shared with third parties?

Tausi Africa does not share personal data with third parties unless it has explicit authorization from the user or is required by law.

Q: Are financial statements saved on the SAT system?

The financial statements are deleted from the SAT servers immediately after the analysis is completed to ensure user privacy and data protection.

Q: Can Enterprise customers use the SAT dashboard for their financial analysis needs?

Yes, enterprise customers can use the SAT tool for their financial analysis via our API offering. We offer tailored solutions that meet the specific needs of businesses. For more information and to discuss how we can assist your organization, please contact us at